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iPhone sales growth in India

Apple iPhone Sales: Story of Victory in India

Recently Apple announced that iPhones generated $26 billion that’s roughly Rs. 1,80,000 crores in revenue. This is for the company’s third-quarter, a drop of 12 percent in iPhone sales from last year’s June quarter. Globally, there’s a fall of 11 percent in iPhone shipments in the quarter. However, India witnessed a year-on-year growth of 19 percent growth in shipments. All thanks to discounts and promotional offers from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

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2020 iPhone Rumors

The 2020 iPhone Rumors Edition: Full Screen Haptic Touch, 5G Support And More

We’ll be bidding farewell to 2019 in just a few months, folks! And while I squander away yet another year, Tim Cook and co are cooking up something new again. (Will they ever stop working? Will I ever become a millionaire by wasting time?) Ripe on the grapevine is the news of a lot of changes in the upcoming iPhones. So, here are all the hot 2020 iPhone rumors.

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iPhone loyalty takes a hit

iPhone Loyalty At An All-Time Low

iPhone owners are worshipped for their undying loyalty towards Apple, come what may.  And Apple has prided itself on this customer loyalty. But brace yourself coz that’s about to change!

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iPhone 11 launch date

iPhone 11 Launch Date: Speech Malfunction Causes Accidental Reveal

Accidents happen all the time; some end up in hospitals, some on the front-page headlines! Just like every year, we’ve been out and about (just online!) doing some sleuthing around the possible iPhone 11 launch date. This includes headline updates and the reasons why you should stay away from the updates and now, the possible day of the unveiling. And the latter, FYI, might be sooner than later! Umm, what am I talking about?

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GIF wallpapers

How to Jazz Up Your iPhone Wallpaper in a GIF-fy

It’s 2019, and honestly, no one has time for old fashioned wallpapers anymore! And why would you want a boring old photo when you could have your iPhone wallpaper showcase the wonders of GIFs? Just imagine turning on your iPhones screen and being greeted by a beautiful gif of Captain America walking away from you! Okay, okay, taking the ‘turning on’ part a little less literally, you could have a dog chasing his tail on an endless loop, icing dripping down a cake, a snippet from your favorite movie, or ANYTHING else! The iPhone screen could literally be your oyster, and here’s how.

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iPhone 2020 rumours

Apple iPhone 2020: Exciting Camera Features For The Shutterbugs

This is utterly, completely, purely, entirely, add a few more synonyms if you will, and you’ll get the sentiment… ridiculous! The 2019 iPhones haven’t even been ‘officially’ announced yet. And we’re already moving on to sorting through the myriad of rumors surrounding the Apple iPhone 2020. Like I said, ridiculous. But inescapable! *Devil Grin*

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iPhone models discontinued

Apple Pushes For High-End iPhone Sales: Discontinues iPhone SE, 6s Plus, 6 Plus In India

Those of you who have been planning to get an iPhone but only had the budget for a lower-end model, you can say goodbye to your dreams of entering the big boys league. Because Apple has officially and successfully shattered your dream. In today’s hope crushing news, Apple has made the decision to discontinue the sales of iPhone SE, 6s Plus, 6 Plus in India. Trust Apple to make such decisions. So, what now?

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iPhone XR vs. Google Pixel 3a

iPhone XR Comparison With Google Pixel 3a: A Worthy Battle?

Comparison, comparison. How we hate it when we’re pitched against Mr. Sharma ka beta or a Mrs. Verma ki beti. But when it comes to phones, the more we pit different models against each other, the better. You gotta get your money’s worth, after all. So, in this edition, we bring you the iPhone XR comparison with the newly launched Google Pixel 3a.

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