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    Apple Watch Series 7

    The Veiled Unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 7

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Sep 17, 2021

    Each year, we excitedly stream the Apple Event to get a glimpse of their upcoming products. This year we saw the launch of two new iPads, the iPhone 13 series, and the Apple Watch Series 7. It was quite the mysterious launch, and the tech giant wasn’t very generous on the details of its latest wearable. Honestly, we’re left with more questions than answers.

    The unveiling was pretty strange, almost as if it had been planned at the last minute. Many are even questioning whether Apple is ready with the next Apple Watch model, and we kind of agree.

    Apple Watch Series 7 Rumours That Didn’t Materialise

    Ever since rumours for the Apple Watch Series 7 came out, we’d had our hearts set on the next Apple Watch featuring a flat-edged design similar to the iPhone 12. The leaked CAD images also highlighted a flat-screen, sharp-edged design. However, we were taken aback to see the same rounded design seen since the inception of the Apple Watch. Not that it looks bad, but a change would have been more than welcome.

    Still, Apple did increase the display size on the Series 7, and the thinner bezels look remarkably beautiful. Even so, the latest Apple Watch model supports all the previously available curved watch bands. So, if you’d invested in straps on earlier models, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll still be usable.

    The next device to add to the woes of the watch industry comes in five shades for the aluminium case. However, Apple hasn’t given out the details of the colour options available with the Stainless Steel and Titanium case. We expect the tech giant to offer the same colours as the Series 6 for their premium cases.

    As the Series 7 has received a bump in display, the iPhone-maker has introduced a new set of Watch Faces to complement the edge-to-edge screen. Apart from the bigger screen and case sizes that are now available in larger 41mm and 45mm options, Apple has added a proper QWERTY keyboard that supports swipe gesture typing. The company has also mentioned that the new model has 50% more screen space than the Series 3, more text size space, and a 70% brighter Always-On display.

    Apple has promised longer battery life and faster charging capabilities thanks to a new USB-C type cable. The Cupertino company also highlighted the enhanced durability of the Apple Watch Series 7 with the introduction of a crack-resistant glass along with IP6X certification for dust resistance. The latest model will be able to handle water depths up to 50 meters thanks to a WR50 resistance index.

    Health and Wellness Features

    Besides introducing a new Cycling mode and two new forms of workouts, including Tai Chi and Pilates, the Series 7 has no further enhancements over the Series 6. Even if there are, the company hasn’t been vocal about it. However, other goodies like a Blood Oxygen Monitor and ECG sensors are also present in the latest model. Furthermore, Apple only showcased the various improvements that will come with watchOS 8 on Monday, and no revolutionary feature on the Series 7 watch itself.

    Price, Specs, Launch Date, and Availability of the Apple Watch Series 7

    Apple hasn’t announced the India prices of the latest Watch Series 7, or any prices at all actually. The only thing we know is that the company will be announcing the details “later this fall”. Nor have they clarified the specifications of the Apple Watch Series 7. Except for the increased case size to 41mm and 45mm, we do not know the weight, dimensions, and processor installed on the next smartwatch. Furthermore, the latest entrant isn’t available in the comparison chart with previous-generation models either.

    Additionally, where we usually see all the actors and employees wearing the latest generation of the Apple Watch, this year we couldn’t spot it even on Tim Cook’s wrist. All of this puts further doubt about the availability of the next Apple Watch. To me, it seems that Apple made a last-minute decision regarding the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 7.

    It’s very unlike Apple to not have given out the details of a product during the keynote and on their website. The only thing the company has mentioned is the next Watch model will be available later this year. It could even be that the chip shortage has constrained Apple’s production, and the company may not be able to cater to the demand of their smartwatch customers.

    Nonetheless, Apple’s current position gives it a healthy three-month-long timeline. We do hope we won’t have to wait that long to get our hands on the beautiful Apple Watch Series 7, though. What about you? With things as they are right now, will you be getting one?

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