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    macos Monterey release date in India

    Save the Date: It’s Time for macOS Monterey to Steal the Spotlight

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Oct 21, 2021

    It’ll be unfair to say that only Apple devices create all the hype. The tech giant’s new operating system updates are equally responsible for excitement within Apple users. We’ve already met iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8. Now it’s time for macOS Monterey. And now, after the reveal of the new MacBook Pro and M1 chips at Apple’s Unleashed event, we bring news that the upcoming macOS Monterey release date in India is 25th October. Here’s everything you need to know about Mac’s upcoming operating system upgrade.

    FaceTime and Messages

    Similar to iOS 15, the macOS Monterey update will enable SharePlay for Mac devices on FaceTime, which lets you watch Apple TV+ movies, listen to Apple Music, or share your screen while FaceTiming. Similarly, you can enable Portrait Mode to blur the background while video chatting on Mac. Spatial audio for video calls is an additional feature along with voice isolation that reduces your background noise. You can also generate FaceTime links to share with non-Apple users.

    The Messages app on Mac will introduce the Shared with You feature seen on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The Shared with You section is also coming to the Safari start page and the sidebar, so you can quickly open links sent to you. Also, images shared via iMessage can promptly be saved via a new save button.

    Privacy and Shortcuts

    The Safari upgrade has already been released; however, with macOS Monterey, a new layer of privacy protection will be added with iCloud Private Relay. Also, Apple’s web browser will automatically upgrade sites from HTTP to HTTPS support. Users will also see a recording indicator in the Control Centre or an illuminated camera indicator whenever an app has accessed your camera or microphone. iCloud subscribers will be able to use all the iCloud+ features on Mac as well.

    With iCloud+, users will be able to hide their IP addresses using Private Relay and create unique email addresses using Hide My Email. With Shortcuts, you can create customised pre-built shortcuts for Macs. Shortcuts are available in Finder, the menu bar, or any other location or pre-installed app on Mac.

    Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac

    This is one feature I’m eagerly waiting to use. With Universal Control, you’ll be able to use a single keyboard, mouse, or trackpad across Mac and iPad. Similarly, you can drag and drop content from your iPad to the Mac or vice versa. The seamless features take Apple’s continuity to the next level and work instantly without any set-up.

    With the AirPlay to Mac feature, users can share videos or audio from an iPhone or iPad to the Mac. Screen mirroring can also be enabled across Apple devices to a Mac. And yes, you can use your Mac’s screen as a secondary display or share music for a multi-room audio experience.

    Live Text and More

    The Live Text feature on Mac lets you copy or look up text within images, similar to iOS. The macOS Monterey update also introduces custom mouse pointers and customisable Memojis. Apple’s also bringing a new screensaver that celebrates Mac’s progress and history. Additional features include live locations in the Find My app and a new Find My widget that helps you keep track of your Apple devices.

    Finally, Apple will enable an Erase all contents and settings option in System Preferences. So, if you have to factory reset a Mac, you do not have to go through the long and tedious process of reinstalling Mac via Recovery mode. Also, the Low Power Mode is coming to Mac, which will help in extending the MacBook’s battery life.

    There are a whole lot of exciting features. With the macOS Monterey release date in India close, make sure you have enough memory on your device and don’t forget to backup your Mac before upgrading. If you need any guidance regarding new macOS Monterey features, reach out to us in the comments section or drop us a DM on Instagram.

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